Our Activities:

Truffle Gathering


The Agriturismo is situated in the middle of a vast truffle preserve from which our family has always extracted this precious fungus for our own cooking. Very intense activity actually underlies the apparently simple act of truffle gathering:

- the selection and training of the truffle dogs, indispensable collaborators who, with their finely honed sense of smell, know how to pinpoint and dig up the truffles.

- equally crucial are the keen attention to nature's signals indicating new truffle fields

- the respect for moderation in gathering, a fundamental rule for safeguarding the truffle supply.

The possibility of discovering and living the fascination of truffle gathering is open to every guest at the Agriturismo. The outings, with Felice or Pietro accompanied by a pair of well-trained dogs, take place very early in the morning or late in the evening. This unforgettable experience reveals the subtle rapport between master and dog along with the rite of discovery and extraction of the truffle. For each truffle extracted, man's faithful (and hungry) friend receives the reward of a small piece of bread.
The Agriturismo's cooking is strongly based on this prized and delicious natural ingredient. For this reason, the truffle outings have occurred, since time out of mind, almost daily. The fungus, however, are not the same year-round. In fact, according to the season, we have summer truffles (drier and larger) and winter truffles (with a more pronounced taste and odor).

Winter Excursions


In wintertime the hill at Patrico transforms itself. The season of snow and cold interferes with many activities and renders more difficult the life of the shepherd. But for the guests of Agriturismo Bartoli, on the other hand, the winter environment is a treasure chest full of secrets and curiosities. In fact, in winter, it is possible to organise nature excursions on foot through the woods and paths that have always been well traveled by the Bartoli family. During these excursions, guided by Felice, one may discover and recognise the tracks of the boar, the theatre of the wolf's battles for food, the prints and signs of animals not in hibernation such as the lynx, the wildcat, the hare, and the royal eagle. In groups it is possible as well to participate in a day of trekking to visit natural caverns (such as the Roman aqueduct or the Grotto of the Windmill), once used by our Italian partisans to hide from German troops. And not to be forgotten as another secret concealed by the cold and snow is the winter truffle. The activity of truffle gathering in fact extends through the year and during the winter season, produces a truffle of a yet more intense flavor and odor.


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